Keeping accurate accounts is the first step in getting organised to pay the correct amount of tax.

There are many software packages available which have the capability to do an excellent job - what is not always spelt out on the box is they often allow those entering the data to make mistakes.

many accounting programs allow you to add incorrect information in to the fields - Whitehouse and Co will keep you on the straight and narrowThis becomes especially dangerous because there is a feeling that computers do not make mistakes. and when adding a column of numbers that is a fair assumption.

The problem comes when the column contains the wrong numbers.

By all means use such software but mindful of the need to have full training and a full understanding of what is happening with the figures and what should go where and why.

Whitehouse & Co have the expertise and experience to review what you are entering with a view to ensuring the right figures are in the correct box. Benefit from our proactive approach in offering you advice and help to reduce the stress of your daily life.

We will tailor our service to suit your needs, leaving you time to do things that really interest you.

Whether You may want support and advice on a

  • Monthly
  • Quarterly
  • Annual

basis or to fill in your Self Assessment Tax Return. Our approach at Whitehouse & Co is for you to do as much for yourself as you wish.

About Whitehouse & Co.

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